Deregulation of the energy industry gave the power to choose back to the consumer; breaking up the monopolies of the utilities and allowing customers to select whom they would like to supply their energy.  In order to make the best choice, information and expertise is necessary.  The need for a professional, knowledgeable and service oriented company is what brought the founders of Options.Energy together.  They saw the void in the market for a true advocate for business owners with the willingness to listen & learn about each business, the experience & skills to solicit and negotiate multiple solutions, the desire to recommend the right fit for each business and the customer service to stand behind the commitments that are made.  Because we analyze the market trends daily, leverage our supplier relationships on behalf of our customers and alert you when the best time to make a move is, we can ensure you are always in the best position.  Our service and experience saves you time and money – this is why thousands of customers have trusted us with their energy accounts -- we handle the details so you can focus on growing your business.

Roshan Patel

President & Founder

With an entrepreneurial mind that was shaped in the family business growing up, coupled with the drive and knowledge gained in working in regional & national sales management positions, and the experience of working in the Energy industry, Roshan recognized the need for a company in the deregulated Energy markets that would treat every potential client like his parents did in their business.  Listening to customer’s needs, finding solutions, acting with integrity and professionalism, and understanding the client’s success is yours. That vision became Options.Energy in 2016 and thousands of clients later the commitments made and realized have built the foundation of an organization that stands out in the Energy industry.  Roshan and his wife, now teach the same values to their 2 sons, living and working in the Chicagoland area.  His family has now grown to include his team at Options.Energy and all of their clients.   

"Hard work has always paid off. We just needed to find the best way to serve the most amount of people with the best possible product." -Roshan

Anthony Lira

VP of Sales & Co-Founder

Being the front-man in a band undoubtedly shaped the type of person Anthony would be.  A team player who flourishes in the spotlight, his laid-back approach and versatility have served him well in sales.  His ability to recruit, build a team and lead them is second nature and he has proven it time and again in numerous organizations.  Along with Roshan, he saw need for a company that would do right by the client.  His passion for training & developing sales professionals dovetailed perfectly with the vision for Options.Energy and the path to that success was going to be in building a team that would be determined and energized in their approach, driven to succeed and always with the client’s best interests in mind.

"Team work has always been at the core of our success. Putting together an amazing team to facilitate providing better service for our clients is a great feeling" -Anthony

Dragan Stevanovic

Director of Operations

A relative newbie to the Energy industry, Dragan brings a fresh perspective to the organization.  With a tremendous amount of experience in managing both retail & direct sales teams & offices, he has been able to bring versatility and structure to Options.Energy.  A driving belief that to get what you want out of life all you have to do is help others get what they want, borrowed from the great Zig Ziglar; Dragan looks to ensure that the team has the support they need, and that the clients receive the customer service they deserve.

"Having a streamlined process that is both easy and efficient for our clients to get the best possible solution for their energy needs is paramount." -Dragan

Direct Sales Team

Our representatives spend their days in the field taking care of our clients and meeting new prospects.  Servicing the commercial & industrial sectors, they stay focused on the vision that started Options.Energy.  Find new and innovative ways to help our clients succeed in their endeavors.  Be transparent and operate with integrity and determination.  We understand that, while some people are fine with doing business online or over the phone, that most professionals prefer and deserve a consultant that can look you in the eye, listen to your needs, take care of finding the right solution for you, shake your hand in appreciation after earning your business and will be there to service your accounts going forward.

Customer Support Team

Our Customer Support team is here to ensure that our customers are well taken care of.  Periodically checking in with our clients to make sure there are no issues, checking on the status of accounts, advising on best times to renew accounts, scheduling visits from our representatives, discussing promotional or special offers from partners that can benefit our customers or just answering questions; our team actively strives to keep our service level well above anyone else in the industry.


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